The science of Polygraph Testing is the subject of much conjecture and misunderstanding. Used properly, it can be a very valuable tool to any business, especially in South Africa where theft in the workplace is costing the economy Billions of Rands every year..

As an aid in investigations
(Specific issue Testing)

A lot of time, manpower and money can be saved through the use of the polygraph testing in investigating incidents in the workplace.
It can be used to identify deceptive parties, clear the innocent and clarify facts under dispute.


False declarations and pertinent non-disclosures by prospective employees can be readily identified with the use of the polygraph test during the pre-employment screening process. Integra Polygraph Solutions can design polygraph questionnaires specific to the requirements of your business and greatly enhance the quality of information received from prospective employees.

Periodic Screenings

Periodic polygraph testing done on a routine or random basis can be used to screen for Company policy violation (drug use, theft, dishonesty, discrimination, etc).

Polygraph Offices / Labs

Offices where examiners will be able to administer polygraph testing in privacy will be required. Should you not have such facilities available, specially designed polygraph labs are available at our offices in Montague Gardens.

Our Examiners

Graduated from American Polygraph Association, accredited schools for Psycho Physiological Detection of Deception

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