Integra Risk Management is an integrated risk solution company. We offer a comprehensive range of risk management solutions to our valued customers and we are dedicated to finding the BEST solution for our clients needs. This integrated strategy is what separates us from many other service providers who focus only on specific aspects of risk management.


IPS Covert Information Agents (CIA’s) are specialists, who confidentially solicit, collect and report criminal information, on organised crime and other threats to the business. Our agents provide useful information which can be invaluable to management in key areas of their business.

It is the primary task of our agents to gather critical information, not to personally apprehend criminal offenders.

Our CIA’s will report any incidents occuring at the client to representatives of Integra Polygraph Solutions on a weekly basis. This information is then condenced into a written report that is issued to the client.


Integra will charge a monthly management fee per Agent. Part of these monies will be used to reward Agents for accurate information and successful convictions. This fee excludes the basic remuneration for performing his day to day responsibilities. The agents will be remunerated based on market related rates and through the normal channels as dictated by the clients HR policies. Integra will ensure that agents have the necessary skill sets to perform their professional responsibilities adequately and efficiently. Visit our contact page if you would like detailed information on the costs involved.


Criminal record verification is done using the latest biometrics based fingerprint analysis technologies. We utilize AFISwitch technology, the only authorized automated alternative to manual paper based checks.

This is a fast, convenient and accurate method of criminal record verification. A trained professional will conduct electronic fingerprint collection at the client’s premises and results are made available within 48 hours once fingerprints have been verified through the SAPS Criminal Database.


IPS have highly trained and experienced former South African Police Service investigators who can assist our clients with their corporate investigative requirements. Their knowledge of police procedure means they can facilitate in all aspects of criminal investigations and coordinate with members of the SAPS should this be required.


Should additional information be required on our electronic surveillance services we can arrange for one of our specialists to consult on the appropriate measures that can be taken as well assist with the implementation and installation of all equipment.