Pre Employment Screening – Prevention is better than cure

25 July 2012

When people think of Polygraph testing they always envisage a scenario where a crime was committed and an investigation ensues to identify the suspect.  The Polygraph instrument is very effective in this type of investigation but it can also be used to help with the prevention of potential criminal activity in the working environment.

Pre Employment Screenings are polygraph tests designed to validate the information provided by a prospective employee  during the interview process. The nature of job applications dictate that any candidate will by definition want to put his best foot forward when seeking employment. Research suggests that between 80% and 90% of all applications contain varying degrees of deception.

However when presented with the possibility of having his information verified with a polygraph test candidates are far less likely to be deceptive. In practice this means that the majority of candidates will be much more truthful during the application process. The small percentage of candidates who persist with deceptive applications are then identified during the polygraph investigation.

This allows Human Resource Managers access to a lot of personal background information that might not have been made available during the normal interview process. Important information like dishonesty and disciplinary records at previous employers, drug history , criminal activity and various other details that would play a significant role in making employment choices.